The Importance of Flossing

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Flossing is an essential part of oral health care. Regular flossing is part of proper oral hygiene care.

The act of flossing helps in removing food residue and bacterial biofilm on your teeth. These bacteria left on your teeth can put you at risk of dental infection causing gum disease, cavity, and other dental problems.

Simply flossing your teeth once daily can keep your teeth be healthier and appear brighter. Flossing helps remove food residue and plaque from areas that your toothbrush can’t reach. Regular flossing can also help you examine your mouth from oral problems, such as bleeding, swelling, and lesions on your mouth.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, “Flossing is an effective preventative measure to remove plaque, the main cause of gum disease.” Gum disease and tooth decay are most likely to happen when plaque is allowed to build up or grow on your teeth and along the gum line. Brushing and professional dental cleaning, as well as flossing or cleaning between your teeth, are proven effective in removing plaque.

If you’re not flossing, you are likely missing more than 1/3 of your tooth surface, so make it a habit and floss daily! To learn proper flossing and its importance on your oral health, contact our dental office at Smiles First in Cornwall.

-The Smiles First Cornwall Team

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