Choosing The Best Dentist For Your Child

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Dental care in the early years of child rearing may not be on the top of the list of priorities for many families. It can be hard enough for parents with young children in the household to stay on top of proper regular oral care habits for themselves, let alone their children. Most of us brush regularly, but many of us neglect to floss, and we all know that the toothbrushes available in stores today are not able to reach in spots that a dentist can. If overlooked, we all know the consequences: tooth decay, oral disease, mouth pain, and adverse physical effects, for life.

It is essential for parents to keep this in mind while their children are young, and instill healthy oral habits in their day-to-day living. These practices include regular and proper brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and visiting a dentist regularly. Children are sometimes intimidated by dental offices, so it is up to parents to choose their child’s dentist wisely. The goal is for children to be comfortable when receiving dental treatments, and understand that the process is something that is necessary to their health.

1. Find A Trained Dentist

Your child’s first dental experience would be with someone who has completed four years at an accredited dental school. There are likely several in your area.

2. Assess The Office’s Suitability For Your Child

Once you have found a few dentists local to your area, check their websites. Dentists that are comfortable with children will usually say so under the service section.

3. Have A Chat

Talk to your child. Try to find out how they feel about going to the dentist. They may be excited if it is their first time, or they may be nervous or scared. Talking to your child will give you an idea of whether or not they will require specialized treatments offered to child patients, such as anesthesia, or habit counselling.

Does your child have special needs? If so, you should call the office and discuss your situation in person.


Parents who want the best for their children set them up for success in every way that they can, including instilling great oral habits for life. The best way to know and understand your own child’s dental needs is to make an appointment with your dental professional. Call us at Smiles First Cornwall for our expert opinion, anytime!


– The Smiles First Cornwall Team

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