What to Expect for a Tooth Filling

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If your dentist has told you that your tooth needs a filling, there’s no need to panic! Here’s what you can expect for your visit:
We’ll start with a local anesthesia which can help to numb the area around the tooth. 
Next the dentist will remove tooth decay by cutting through the enamel. After the decay has been removed, the dentist can shape prepare the space for the filling. 
If using a bonded filing, your dentist with etch the tooth with an acid gel prior to placing the filling inside. 
Some types of fillings will require a resin application. This is where there is a layer of resin used to harden the filling and make it strong. 
The final step is happens after the filling has been placed. The tooth will be polished to complete the procedure.
If you have any additional questions about dental tooth fillings or need a dental cleaning in Cornwall, contact us at Smiles First Cornwall today! 
– The Smiles First Cornwall Team 
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