The Treatment Duration of Invisalign

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One of the important decisions you have to make when you want to have perfect and straight teeth is how long you need to undergo the treatment process. Most people prefer shorter treatment duration. With Invisalign aligners, you can now have straight and perfect teeth with a minimum of at least six months to 12 months (or more, depending on the individual case).

The treatment duration for Invisalign primarily relies on the severity and complexity of malocclusion or bite problems. Mild malocclusion can take about six months, but on average, the duration of treatment for Invisalign aligners can last for a year. In severe cases or complex malocclusion, treatment could reach to two years.

When you finally get your Invisalign, your orthodontist will tell you to wear it between 20 to 22 hours daily. The Invisalign tray should remain in your mouth as much as possible to achieve the best result, but you can remove them when eating or doing your routine oral care. Just make sure to put them back after eating or cleaning your teeth. Also, don’t forget to clean them before placing them back in your mouth.

If you want to achieve straight and perfect teeth that require shorter treatment duration, choose Invisalign. Consult with our dental team at Smiles First in Cornwall regarding Invisalign treatment. We will assess your teeth and plan the most suitable Invisalign treatment for you!

– The Smiles First Cornwall Team

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