The Importance of Fluoride to Dental Health

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When you hear your dentist tell you that fluoride is essential for your dental health, you might wonder why. Fluoride is an important mineral that occurs naturally in water and food. Each day, minerals are lost from enamel due to acids and fluoride can help redeposits this enamel loss.

Enamel is the outer layer of your tooth’s crown. It is made of closed packed mineral crystals. Since losing minerals are naturally happening every day, you need to gain them back. The process of losing minerals due to acids is called demineralization while remineralization is when minerals are deposited back to your enamel. When too much loss of minerals without enough replacement happens, you are prone to tooth decay. One of the main reasons why Fluoride is important is to prevent tooth decay!

At an early age, fluoride is essential because it strengthens developing teeth. Therefore, exposure to fluoride from infants to childhood years is crucial because this is when the primary and permanent teeth grow.

When you become an adult, fluoride is still necessary because of the continuous process of demineralization and remineralization that occurs in your enamel. You can get fluoride from food, water, and toothpaste as well as from your dentist. The fluoride used at a dental office is much stronger than the fluoride you get from water, food, and toothpaste.

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