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Since Invisalign became well known to the world of dentistry, people from different parts of the world have been happy with straightening their teeth with invisible aligners. However, parents sometimes wonder, when would be the right time to seek orthodontic treatment or Invisalign for their children.

Children love playing with friends or hanging out with classmates at school or in the park. In these social settings, they may feel self-conscious with traditional metal braces as an orthodontic solution. They don’t want to look different in front of their peers, and the alternative solution is to use Invisalign Clear Aligners. A child could be a candidate for Invisalign if they have lost all their baby teeth first.

While no specific age can determine the appropriate or right time for children to get Invisalign, your orthodontist can help your child if he or she is eligible or not. Orthodontists can assess and examine your child’s teeth. They will be able to indicate if the child’s teeth have grown in fully without any significant tooth damage or pending dental treatment. The Orthodontic Dental Association suggests an orthodontic checkup around the age of seven years old. This is usually the period when all permanent teeth erupt. If they still have baby teeth, then Invisalign aligners are not advisable because the jaw, face and teeth structure are still developing and can affect treatment.

If you think that your child needs orthodontic or Invisalign treatment, our dental team here at Smiles First Cornwall recommends an orthodontic checkup at your child’s next appointment. Visit us today!

– The Smiles First Cornwall Team


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