How to Help Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

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Sometimes you may feel a tingling sensation when eating a popsicle or drinking coffee – this can be normal from time to time. However, if you are experiencing any painful sensations, tooth sensitivity is becoming a problem! 
If you are concerned about how to prevent tooth sensitivity, here are a few tips we recommend: 
Daily Brushing – Ensure proper brushing twice a day with a sensitive toothpaste. It is important to ensure your toothpaste is not high in levels of abrasives. Abrasives can often cause tooth enamel to erode over time. 
Daily Flossing – Flossing at least once to twice a day can help to get rid of plaque building on the gum line and in between teeth. This oral care also helps to reduce tooth sensitivity. 
Low Acid Diet – Eating the right foods also helps to reduce your chances of tooth sensitivity. Acidic foods and drinks can dissolve tooth enamel and increasing your chances of tooth sensitivity. Try to limit or stay away from these as much as possible. 
Chat with us at Smiles First Cornwall about good oral hygiene and low acidic diets to help prevent tooth sensitivity. 
– The Smiles First Cornwall Team
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