After Root Canal Treatment: What to Expect?

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Root canal treatment or Endodontic therapy is a dental procedure that treats the pulp of the tooth, which is infected, dead or inflamed. If you’ll be undergoing a root canal procedure, it’s essential to learn the things that you’ll experience after the treatment. Learning about what to expect after root canal will help you prepare what to do and how to take care of your teeth during the recovery period.

Following a root canal procedure, the medication used to numb your teeth will eventually clear off, and you’ll feel pain and tenderness around the area involved. The pain will last for a few days alongside the soreness your jaw due to opening your mouth for a long time during the root canal treatment. Over the counter medications will work to help ease the pain, but your dentist may prescribe you narcotics for any severe pain. Precautions should be followed when taking narcotic drugs. Make sure to talk to your dentist about this.

Also, there are significant signs and symptoms you must observe after a root canal procedure. Here are the signs that warrant attention or a visit to your dentist:

  • Hypersensitivity reaction to medications prescribed. Allergic reaction symptoms include rash, itching, and difficulty of breathing.
  • When a temporary filling or crown was put during the procedure, and it suddenly comes out, go to your dentist right away.
  • Swelling in and out of your mouth, accompanied by severe pain and tenderness that lasts for a couple of days.
  • When you feel an uneven bite when eating, this needs a dentist consultation.

If you experience any symptoms mentioned above, visit our clinic in Cornwall. Here at Smiles First Cornwall, we offer immediate, advanced and necessary treatment to every dental problem.

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